Time to Fix Your Residential Thermostat

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Time to Fix Your Residential Thermostat

The next few months are going to be pretty busy. Folks will be running up and down getting their groceries, Christmas trees, gifts and all the other essential things for a great holiday. Temperatures outside will be pretty low, and you have no control over that. However, as you prepare meals for your family, it’s essential you ensure that your  house is kept warm.

Just like our bodies have a mechanism for regulating temperature, our houses are fitted with Heating,Ventilation and, Cooling (HVAC) systems which can detect a drop or a rise in temperature and adjust accordingly. This is the job of a thermostat, and it’s an essential part of any HVAC unit.

Variety of thermostats

You will find a variety of residential thermostats in the market like the Wi-Fi thermostats, the touch thermostats, the programmable and the non-programmable ones. The choice of the most suitable one is a daunting task and this is where the experts step in. Cooling Tampa Company have been in the AC business for over 50 years and  we can advise you appropriately on which thermostat will suit your home. We have a track record of excellent service that has seen our clients send us more and more referrals.

Installation and service

We all understand that any machinery has to be installed properly and serviced from time to time to ensure that it’s working well. Lack of frequent checks may lead to failure of the thermostat, leaving the  temperatures uncontrolled, and this of course will be such an inconvenience during a time when visitors will be flocking to our homes.

Whether it’s day or night, all through the week, we are just a call away. Call us today on 831-971-0563 and let us check out your residential thermostat and advise you accordingly.



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