AC Repair Service

With today’s economy the way it is, and the need to save money at an all-time high, repairing your air conditioner, as opposed to an AC replacement, can be a wise decision. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re AC system can’t be repaired, that is just not true. Most systems should be able to go 15 plus years (with proper AC maintenance) before needing to be replaced. We, at Cooling Tampa, are dedicated to keeping you AC and heating system running efficiently and properly as long as possible. Our AC service department is professionally trained to diagnose and repair any problem with any AC unit.

Most times, an AC repair costing under $200 can make a unit run like new again. The most common AC repair service in The Tampa Bay area is a clogged drain line, which is easily fixed. There are also some normal wear and tear parts that are common to go bad on an AC system, again in a low price bracket to replace AC Parts, and can be repaired in a short time frame.

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