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Residential Ductless Maintenance in Tampa, Brandon, St Petersburg, FL, and Surrounding Areas

The term ductless and ducted confuses most people planning to upgrade their existing air cooling system or purchase a new air conditioner. The latter, also known as `central air conditioners,’ refers to models that cool your home or office through a network of metal ducts. The ductless ones are those mounted in your window or an opening in your wall. You can carry out residential ductless maintenance by following the tips given below. We suggest that you carry out this task during the springtime so that you face no problems in case you damage any parts of the AC during the cleaning process, causing it to stop functioning. In such a scenario visit and place a service request.

Tasks you can do

  • Unplug the unit from the power supplyResidential Ductless Maintenance
  • Take out the cooling and other knobs from the panel
  • Remove the grille (also known as the front cover)
  • Take out the filter and wash it several times to remove all traces of dirt
  • Check the water collection tray and examine if its water outlet is choked
  • In case it is choked, push a stiff metal wire forwards and backward to unclog the outlet
  • Put back the filter, fix the cover, and install the knobs.
  • Carefully clean the external unit with a water hose; otherwise, the force of the water will cause the fins to smash on the serpentine copper cooling coil, and you will end up burning a deep hole in your pocket.

Tasks you cannot do

  • Repairing any mechanical or electronic parts such as the compressor or thermostat
  • Charging the AC with coolant

Why take a risk attempting ductless maintenance on your own when our skilled engineers can perform the task for a reasonable sum, which works out cheaper than the cost of replacing the condenser coils when you can call us for a no-obligation quote?

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