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How to Prevent Emergency Furnace Repairs

When you live in Florida, heating services are not always at the top of your mind. But temperatures can drop in Tampa too and when you want to run your furnace, you want it to operate correctly to keep you warm. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you don’t need a residential furnace repair service on an emergency basis.

-Change Air Filters

The easiest thing you can do to keep your furnace clean and running efficiently is to change the air filters. Dirty filters lead to a host of issues. Change the filter once a month, or more often if it looks dirty and clogged. You can prevent many issues within your furnace with this easy action.

-Professional Maintenance

You can prevent emergency services by having an annual maintenance check from the professional technicians at Cooling Tampa Air Conditioning. These services include a complete cleaning, important inspections, and repair prevention measures. Technicians can take steps to fix small issues now so they don’t become large problems later.

-Limit Cycling

If you are constantly turning your heater up or down, you are doing it a disservice. Set your thermostat to run more when you are home and less when you are away. You will benefit by saving energy and money on your utility bills. You will also limit the times your heater has to turn on and off, which will prevent undue wear and tear that can age our furnace quickly.

If you need residential furnace repairs services, all you have to do is call Cooling Tampa Air Conditioning. We can take care of installations, repairs, maintenance and everything in between. We also go the extra mile and check the indoor air quality within your home to ensure you and your family have nothing but the best all the way around.



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