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Learn How to Battle Indoor Air Pollution

Chances are you have heard reports that the air inside your home can be many times dirtier than the air outside. The EPA estimates that homes can experience pollution levels as much as five times higher and more.

Why Should You Worry?

Pollutants such as mold, pet dander, bacteria and viruses, and even cleaning products and chemicals used on stain-free carpeting can become trapped indoors and be circulated by your air conditioner or heating system. Some of these pollutants can bring discomfort to those suffering allergies or asthma, while others could develop other illnesses, sometimes years after exposure.

There are some things you can do to lessen the pollution. According to the American Lung Association, these include forbidding smoking in the home, using non-toxic cleaning products, putting away food to control pests, and keeping the humidity below 50 percent. They also suggest that you fix all water leaks and drips.

Indoor Air Pollution Solutions

The best way to battle pollution issues is to call on the indoor air quality services Tampa FL trusts at Cooling Tampa LLC. We can inspect your home to find potential problem areas and give you options to handle the situation.

For example, we can help you keep the humidity in your home in balance with the installation of whole house humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Moisture in the air can promote the growth of mold, while dry air can cause health problems connected with dry noses and throats.

Our technicians also can thoroughly clean your ducts to minimize the spread of contaminants. They are experienced at testing for carbon monoxide and radon and can install detectors to provide you with the protection your family needs.

Contact us at Cooling Tampa LLC to arrange for a thorough examination of your home’s air quality issues. We provide the affordable indoor air quality services Tampa FL relies on to breathe easier.



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