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Ductless HVAC in Tampa, Brandon, St Petersburg, FL, and Surrounding Areas

Ductless HVAC systems have become the industry standard in the developed world. You can see office buildings and homes with condensers mounted on the exterior wall, roof or on the ground. For the ductless AC system, also known as split air conditioning, to work effectively, proper installation is needed. The design of the building, space available inside and the cooling needs of the client are some of the factors which must be considered during installation. Obviously, the most energy-efficient air conditioners should be given preference. However, the BTU rating must also be checked. You want a system which can cool your office or home efficiently without having to work too hard or operate below capacity, so sizing is important.

Components of a Split AC System

A split AC system, as the name suggests has two separate components – the air handler and condenser. The former is also known as the evaporative unit. This is the part responsible for cooling the air inside a room and it’s usually mounted on the interior wall of the building. The condenser is mounted outside on the roof, ground or on the wall. It is responsible for cooling and compressing the refrigerant once it leaves the evaporator. The two components are connected by refrigerant tubing and electrical wires.

Split AC Unit Maintenance

Over time, the filters in the air handler, coils in the evaporator and condenser, fans and blowers get worn out. The filters must be replaced to improve indoor air quality and performance while the coils must be cleaned to get rid of any dust and debris which may have formed a coating around the coils. On the other hand, fans and blowers must be lubricated and their blades cleaned. At Cooling Tampa LLC, we are a BBB-accredited, NATE-certified, A+ rated cooling company. We operate in the Tampa Bay area and serve both residential and commercial clients.

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