The ductwork of a building allows conditioned air to flow to every room. It also permits the entry of outside air, according to its design and control system. Most ducts are made of insulated sheet metal that does not damage easily. Galvanized steel does corrode in spite of its rust-resistant coating. Smart HVAC people can perform duct replacement services in a pinch. Don’t be afraid to call and ask about this easy service.

The most easily damaged parts are flexible ducts, which are made of a reflective plastic sheet that is wrapped around a steel wire. Although it conveniently snakes up walls and requires less labor than sheet metal ducts, it is easy to damage. Mice can chew through the lining, and many types of repair work can inadvertently puncture this duct type.

Sections of duct are easily replaced. Most ducting is made by bending metal in a shop, and this process can be repeated by a skilled HVAC repairman. New ducting can be machined to exactly fit onto old parts, no matter how long ago the original installation might have been. Flexible ducts are especially easy to replace, although it might be a good investment to replace vulnerable sections with sheet metal ducting.

It is seldom necessary to replace the entire ductwork of a house or office, but professionals in duct replacement services are on the job. They can patch small jobs or completely overhaul an old system. They can remove clogs easily, and can find leaks using electronic testers.

One reason for replacing old duct is age and contamination. Older ducts might be a trap for decades of dust and germs. This is especially true for fiberglass insulation inside the pipe. Lint and other material might be trapped in the ducts, serving as a Petri dish for bacteria.