Disaster Signs: 3 Common Problems You May Have With Your AC Unit

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Disaster Signs: 3 Common Problems You May Have With Your AC Unit

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Calling for air conditioning repair Plant City FL seems like a hassle. It doesn’t have to be though! All you need to do is find the right people.

Cooling Tampa has been serving this area and Plant City for a very long time. We’re one of the best qualified and most experienced HVAC techs in the area as well. It’s why so many call us!

From time to time we’re called to perform simple repairs every AC needs. It’s going to happen. So it’s best to plan for it! However, it doesn’t have to be a big inconvenience. With regular tune-ups you can avoid high costs. Your parts can last longer and will need little maintenance.

The reason you’re here is probably because your AC refuses to work as well as before. Keep reading to see if you’re suffering from one of these problems…..

Check For Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant coolant is used to help convert the air in your home into cool air. It’s a huge necessity for your system! Without it, your home won’t be very comfortable for long.

However your AC will run low and it will need to be refilled. Many people attempt to do this by themselves. That’s a bad idea! Different cooling units need different types of coolant.

Plus time to time your cooling unit may be suffering from a leak, which, of course, will need to be fixed by a knowledgeable technician.

Replace Smaller Parts For Better Performance

Another case is when the AC is struggling to work properly. There’s many reasons why this can happen. A big reason though is that a part has come loose or broken. This may account for the strange noises many ACs can make.

A typical air conditioning repair Plant City FL will involve replacing a bad part. It’s nothing to be concerned with as it happens normally. It’s also good regular maintenance too!

Adjust The Thermostat

The last major problem we’ll cover is the thermostat. Sometimes the settings get a little off over time. This means that the AC doesn’t know what temperature you want. When you set it at 75, it could be thinking of something else.
What we can do is come in and calibrate it. We’ll make sure all the parts linked to your thermostat are working properly. Then we’ll adjust it. After that it should start producing enough air to get the temperature you want.

Contact Us If You Think It’s Something Else!

Think it’s something else? Then feel free to call us at 813-971-0563. Are you to busy to make a phone call, why not visit here to see alternative contact methods?

There are many reasons we’re called for air conditioning repair Plant City FL that we can’t cover here. There’s a lot! We only wanted to cover the main ones.

There will be times when your AC needs a major repair. However we do our best to find the simplest way to fix it. You’ll be surprised how often a small adjustment or part is needed to fix it. We just won’t know how to fix it until we come by. Please call us today!



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