With fall quickly approaching, we are all thinking about tailgating with the Gators and, soon after, decorating our trees to welcome the holidays. For Tampa families, no two things say “colder weather is here” better. However, if your heater stops working mid-game, even if the Gators are beating Georgia by a landslide… it can make even the best fall day seem less magical. When your heater goes on the fritz, don’t lose your good mood, instead lose the cold with Cooling Tampa’s affordable residential heater repair.

Facebook Loves Us

Our kids finally taught us how to use social media and we are so glad that they did. Facebook loves us and we have to say that it makes us feel pretty special. We wish real life had a like button because if it did… all of our customers would get a big thumbs up. We consistently rate 5 out of 5 stars on Facebook thanks to you and we could not appreciate your patronage more.

Seniors, Let Us Say Thanks for All You Do

Our seniors know so much more about life, courage and honor than we ever will and we really appreciate how you give back to the community by simply being your wonderful, wise and amazing selves. Let us pay you back in our own small way by offering you a senior discount on your service bill. Seriously, you’re the best. We know it’s not the same as buying you a pony, but if we could… we’d totally buy you a pony.

Not a Senior? We Still Have Deals for You

We can’t all be so lucky as to know everything and be that cool, older friend who gives amazing advice when you need it most. If you are not a senior, but still like to save money, then be sure to check out our website. We are consistently committed to saving you money in any way we can.

When your heater goes out in the middle of the Gators game, don’t throw your TV or be forced beneath 10 blankets with friends you don’t even like that much. (Seriously, why does your wife keep making you invite these nerds over?) Instead, give us a call. We will be right over so you can enjoy that Gator throw-down in comfort.