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Cooling Tampa Can Service Your Furnace

They say that the usefulness of something  is only realized when it’s lost. As humans, we somehow tend to postpone acquiring certain things until the last minute when it becomes absolutely necessary. We all knew that Winter would come but we waited until now to look for a heating appliance for our houses. You don’t need to worry anymore’ Cooling Tampa has got you covered. We offer residential furnace maintenance service to all our customers from Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas.

Over 50 years expertise

We take pride in the 50 years that we have been in business. We have learnt a lot over the years and  we know which appliances to sell you and which ones to avoid. We are a one stop shop where apart from selling the furnace, we do the installation and follow up on its maintenance. We show you how to operate it safely and how to detect issues. Our products come with a warranty to prove our confidence in the product and encourage the client of it’s efficiency and durability.

Trained Personnel at your service

We have a number of personnel all with knowledge of the HVAC industry and all the advanced technology available. This means that as a client, you will get your money’s worth. We ensure we screen all our staff thoroughly to avoid sending any harmful or unsavory people to your home. We value your privacy and your satisfaction. We will continue in the business, servicing and satisfying the community at large.

Our offices are always open throughout the week, day and night. Call us today on 813-971-0563 and let us take care of your furnace to ensure you and your visitors are warm throughout this holiday season.



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