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Choose an AC Repair Service Company Available Round the Clock

It seems as if air conditioners have a mind of their own and love to torture their owners. They often break down during the peak summer season when you need them the most and often late at night when it is nearly impossible to get hold of a qualified technician. Your local electrician is not qualified to check parts like compressors and thermostats; therefore, calling him is futile. Your only option is to get in touch with a reputable company that specializes in providing AC repair service in your city.

Never attempt to save costs

You should never try to cut down on service charges by contacting a company that promises to fix your air conditioner for a ridiculously low price. He will probably use low quality imported parts that will not last for long. Apart from this, they rarely offer warranty on the part they replace. You can avoid this dilemma by getting in touch with companies whose technicians are factory trained by leading manufacturers of ACs.

Things to look out for

Check the websites several AC repair companies online, browse through their testimonial section and read the comments left by their customers. Note down their contact numbers, get in touch with them and request them to send their technicians to your place. Discuss the problems of your AC with them and ask them how much they will charge for repairing it. You should also confirm if they hold a valid license for repairing ACs in your state. Confirm whether they use original spares and provide a warranty on the parts replaced by them. You should also check if they offer services round the clock.

Closing the deal

Make a list of various AC repair service companies that meet the requirements mentioned above and select one that charges the lowest price.



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