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Air Conditioning Services In Brandon, FL

As anyone who lives in Florida knows, the temperature here can get very hot, especially during summer. Our job here at Cooling Tampa is to keep you cool 24/7 so that you can go about your normal duties at ease. In that regard, we provide a wide range of Air Conditioning Services Brandon FL.

Air conditioning services we offer:

AC installation & replacement

If you’re tired of your old air conditioning unit that just doesn’t seem to work when you need it most, ask us to carry out a replacement service for you. We also carry out new installs. Our electricians will not only help you choose the perfect unit for your home. They will pick the most ideal place to install it and then test it afterward to ensure you’re pleased with the result.

AC repairs

If you’re having minor trouble with your Ac unit, we can offer the needed repairs. We can fix damaged ducts, replace broken fans, install new filters, reinstall loosely-mounted units, replace damaged dryers, thermostats, valves or compressors, and more. Whatever trouble you are experiencing, we can guarantee that we have dealt with it many times before.

AC maintenance

We also offer AC maintenance services in order to keep your units running smoothly all year long. This entails topping up the refrigerant, cleaning the evaporator coils, inspecting the ductwork, and testing the control panel/remote for user friendliness.

AC cleaning & sanitization

One of our most important air conditioning service here is Cooling Tampa is AC cleaning & sanitization. We have seen firsthand what dirty AC units look like and we would like to keep you from suffering the same fate. With this service, we clean and sanitize your indoor unit to remove all the accumulated dirt to ensure you only breathe fresh air inside your home.

Why us:

We have been providing air conditioning services in Tampa Bay for over 50 years. We are duly licensed, insured, NATE certified, manufacturer certified, and we have a BBB rating of A+. That speaks volumes about our experience and skill level.

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