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Air Conditioning Installation Brandon FL

Air Conditioning Installation Brandon FL – We are Honest

We at Cooling Tampa, a reputable company that specializes in air conditioning installation Brandon FL, recently received a request from a new client, asking us to install a 1.5 ton air conditioner in their apartment. Our technicians were surprised when they visited his premises and found that the dimensions of the client’s room did not require an AC of that tonnage to properly cool and dehumidify his room. Most companies, in an attempt to earn more money as commission recommend their clients to install ACs whose cooling capacity is more than required. We do not believe in such shady deals.

Installation procedure

We shall first send our technician to examine your room once you place an AC installation request with us. He will check the volume of air inside your room and suggest an AC whose tonnage is suitable for cooling and dehumidifying the air within your room. Apart from this, they will also inspect your room for leaks and plug them. This ensures that the air inside drops to the desired temperature quickly. The AC contains a thermostat, which trips its compressor and switches it to fan mode once the air inside the room drops to the set temperature. This increases the life of the compressor and reduces power bills too.

Facts about hot air

Hot air floats upwards. Keeping this in mind, our technicians will install the AC at the highest height possible. This allows the AC to cool the temperature efficiently. Our new client was surprised to hear that a 1 ton AC could comfortable chill his room. If you are unsure about the appropriate tonnage and make of AC for your room, get in touch with us today. Once you have had a chat with our technicians, you will find why people consider us as the best air conditioning installation Brandon FL company.



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