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A/C Installation

A/C Installation: Introduction

What is the secret to installing any air conditioning system? Don’t cut corners and don’t rush through the process! Yes, it is a very methodical process.

A. A new air conditioning system is a major investment for any family or business. Cooling Tampa, LLC completely understands this FACT. We take pride in all our installations, respect the homeowner and their home. This applies to any type of service call Cooling Tampa, LLC receives. Between two of the owners and the service manager, they have a combined 75 years of experience in the air-conditioning field. Our goal is for every customer to be 100% satisfied with any of our services rendered.

A/C Installation: Process

Step 1: Evaluate the square footage under heat and air for the home. This requires quick research through the property appraiser’s office to verify.
Step 2: Select the proper tonnage that the home requires to heat & cool efficiently.
Step 3: Explain all facts to the home owner and give at least (3) different prices on selected brands of equipment and Seer ratings.
Step 4: Explain in detail in writing what the home owner will receive; all warranties that apply and any items that will be added at no cost., (i.e., ultra violet light or digital thermostat). Give exact pricing on each system.
Step 5: Set a firm date and time of installation. Install crew will be prompt and courteous at all times.
Step 6: Install new system and ensure all mechanical codes are met. Double check installation after start up. Last item- clean drain line.
Step 7: Ensure the customer is 100% satisfied and all debris took off property.

A/C Installation: FAQ’s

a. How long does an installation usually take? Generally vertical air handlers- 4 to 5 hours; Generally horizontal air handlers – 6 to 8 hours.
b. How many installers are on the job site? Usually two (2)
c. Is an ultraviolet light included with the installation? Cooling Tampa’s policy is to install , at a minimum, a single bulb UV light, and a transformer if needed with every new system. This will assist in keeping any microbial growth down to a minimum. Upgrades on indoor air quality are available., i.e., dynamic cleaners.
d. Should I trim any shrubs or bushes around my outdoor unit prior to installation? Absolutely! Heavy foliage around or growing on the outdoor unit will tend to suffocate the unit and block needed air flow. This applies to existing units also. The outdoor unit needs to “breathe”.
e. Should I install a new filter after installation? Yes! The Golden rule is for disposable filters, change every month. A reminder can be- every time you pay your electric bill, change the filter. If you have pets, twice a month.
f. If you have any concerns or questions during the installation, should I ask the installers or call into the office? Our install crews are very knowledgeable and experienced. The majority of questions they can answer. Generally, any problem that may arise or concerns you may have, they can properly answer. However, always feel free to call the office! We are here to help you in any way. Remember- 100% satisfaction is our goal!
g. What type of payments do you accept? Cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover.



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