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AC Duct Repair, Cleaning or Replacement

AC Duct work in homes is often over looked, even by some professionals. Ducts can often be the route to problems with AC systems. When was the last time you had your AC ducts checked by a professional? It’s ok if your answer is “I never have had them checked.” That is the most common response, after all they are most commonly found in a part of your home that nobody really wants to go into, either the attic, under the home or someplace else dark and hot. It is our responsibility to check all aspects of your cooling needs, including your AC ducts. Ducts should generally be replaced when your system is replaced, and cleaned every 5 to 10 years. After all, you are breathing in all of the dust and biological growth that has accumulated since the day they were originally put in.

Duct cleaning:

Our company uses the Rotobrush Duct cleaning system. It is the best way to clean ducts because it uses Point Of
Contact Cleaning, which means that as the brush goes through your ducts pulling all the dirt and grime from your duct liner, it sucks it right out through an attached vacuum hose before it has a chance to settle or get away. If your ducts are in good shape and are not torn or ripped anywhere, then duct cleaning is the way to go.

Duct replacement:

Cooling Tampa also replace duct work at affordable and competitive prices. This procedure is very labor intensive and can take a day or better to complete, but when we are done you will have better air flow and cooling ability throughout you entire home. Also, you’re A/C system will last longer with properly sized ducts.

Whether it is to get your ducts cleaned or replaced, you should have a professional evaluate your duct and determine which would be better suited for you and your home. CALL Cooling Tampa TODAY to get a FREE estimate on replacing or cleaning your AC ducts.



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