5 Tips To Protect Your AC When Remodeling Your Home

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5 Tips To Protect Your AC When Remodeling Your Home

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For many Americans, setting on the project of remodeling their home can be as enjoyable as it can get stressful. Next, to being a big long term goal, it requires lots of dedication and, of course, money. There are ways where you can save some dollars, but the truth is that the line between quality and price can grow thinner without us even noticing. Having a budget and sticking to it might be the best way to ensure that things go as we want without compromising the results. Being preventive can also spare you a fortune, for example, taking good care of your AC system including the ducts around your house. If you’re planning on remodeling in the near future or it’s one of your goals, there are a couple things that we at Cooling Tampa would like to advise so that your Air Conditioner doesn’t suffer during the process.

Take your time

When planning such a big project as remodeling your home. It’s better to lay back and take some time to pay attention to detail. Have a chat with your contractor and AC provider to check that everything is going to be in order and to ensure you won’t have unfortunate surprised in the future over work that could have been done better. If you’re remodeling to sell the house or to have a better home, doing things with lots of anticipation will leave no room for errors and your AC won’t have to pay the price.

Turn the AC off

Remodeling is like a huge dust festival that takes weeks or months, depending on how extensive your project is going to be. Turning the AC unit off will help your system to not get blocked or damaged in the future, that way you will avoid having to hire AC duct repair services in Tampa FL.

Shut the vents and the registers

It’s better to use a house fan than having your AC system running, but even when it’s off, it’s better to shut the vents and close the registers so that no dust or residuals go inadvertently into the unit.

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Isolate your working area

Following the previously mentioned tips won’t ensure the complete safety of your ducts or unit. That’s why isolating the area you’re going to be working in will reduce the chances of dust spreading through the rest of the house and going into the vents and machinery.

Do regular checks

Keeping an eye on your AC system might give you an idea of how efficient your efforts are, and will help you to improve your methods for when you continue the remodeling. You might also notice in good time whether the system is still in good shape or if it needs professional cleaning or repairing after the project has been completed.

Obviously, there is no way you can be 100% sure that all the measures you take will keep your AC system perfectly protected. But by doing your best, you will be reducing the chances of an unfortunate event happening. We understand that accidents happen and nothing lasts forever, that’s why we at Cooling Tampa offer 24/7 service whether you need a new installation, cleaning or AC duct repair services in Tampa FL. Give us a call today at 813-971-0563, we have over 50 years of experience and thrive on delivering an excellent and certified service with the care and love that a family-run business can give.



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