air conditioning repair Brandon FL

It is a very hot day. You went to the grocery store for your weekly stash, and you are dying to go home. Just the thought of cooling off inside the comfort of your home is enough to get you running. You open the door, turn on the lights and finally, the AC. You can almost feel the cooling effect. The AC is not running!

All of us have probably experienced this dilemma at one point or another. Although there can be plenty of reasons why your air conditioning system is not working properly, here are some of the most common reasons and what you can do to prevent or repair them.

  1. Outdated and damaged wiring – Electrical wires can get faulty overtime. Defective wiring can cause not just the failure of your air conditioning system but can also cause serious fire accidents or electrocution hazards. Regular checkup and maintenance of your house’s wiring system can prevent these dangers from happening.
  1. Low refrigerant – If there is a leak or your system has not been recharged properly, the usual result is there will be no cold coming out of the system which means it’s low on refrigerant. You can recharge the refrigerant on your system if it’s your first time to do so. However, if you already did so in the past, you might have to do a leak test first before adding more refrigerant.
  1. Condenser problems – This is the unit outside of your home and where the condensation happens to release the heat from the inside. If the condenser stops working, it will severely impact the ability of the system to cool down a house. Since it is clearly placed outside, then it can easily get damaged by any outside objects like stones, sticks, grass, leave, or any debris. It would be helpful to place it in a clear area, so nothing can enter the condenser cabinet.
  1. Defective Sensors – Behind the control panel of your AC, you will find a thermostat sensor near the evaporating coil. Its main function is to measure the temperature of the air in the evaporating coil and adjust it based on the room’s temperature. However, there would be times when the sensor shifts from its place or just simply stops working. You can return it to its original position by carefully bending the wire that holds it in place but not touching the evaporating coil.

air conditioning repair Brandon FL

Although these common air conditioning problems may seem to be easily fixed, there are situations that would require you to call a professional. Finding the right company for air conditioning repair Brandon FL problems may seem easy too. In fact, there are a lot of companies in Brandon, FL who claim to offer the best services in terms of air conditioning repair. The question is, are they really what they claim to be? Can they provide you the right service you’re looking for?

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