Forget what the sales personnel told you about the MTBF (mean time between failure) while you purchased what he said was the best AC available. All modern generation air conditioners work efficiently for many years as long as you take proper care of them. You need to clean their filters, unclog the water drain hole, and clean debris trapped between its cooling fins. These are the basics. You need to carry out several cleaning tasks to make sure that your AC functions properly for many years. This ensures that your AC provides you with cool and clean air for many years, and dehumidifies your room efficiently by absorbing excess water from it.

Call the specialists regularly

While you can undertake simple ones like cleaning its filter and unclogging the choked water drain outlet, you cannot clean or service other parts because that requires technical knowledge and diagnostic equipment. More often than not, we have noticed that people only call us when their AC stops functioning. This can cause them to pay a huge sum in repairing charges, especially if the AC’s compressor breaks down. This is why we suggest everyone to opt for our residential AC tune-up service once every few months, particularly before summer sets in.

The benefits of preventive maintenance

Your best option is to sign for an annual maintenance contract with us. We are renowned for the quality of our service as well as the in depth knowledge our technicians have about all types of air conditioners. Once you sign the contract, we shall send our professionals to your place regularly to check your AC for signs of impending problems, and fix any problems before they get out of hand. Save money and enjoy peace and comfort throughout the year by signing up for our special residential AC tune-up today.