When you’re enjoying the AC indoors, you’re probably not thinking about the amount of particles floating in the air. In most cases, you’re just happy to be out of the unbearable heat, especially during the summer months. Unfortunately, you are extremely vulnerable to harmful elements when you are in a relaxed and carefree state. If you want to know what is floating in your air, you’ll need to let a duct cleaning system expert test your ventilation.

You’re air may look clean, but it is probably filled with unsafe microscopic elements. If you haven’t had a recent duct cleaning, the lining of your tubes may be a breeding ground for dust mites. You will not notice anything until you find yourself coughing or clearing your throat more frequently. Even when this happens, you may not connect your illness with the current condition of your vent system.

Before you diagnose yourself with a serious illness, take every possibility into consideration. Your air quality may be the issue if you feel discomfort in your throat and lungs initially. This can progress into a runny nose and other cold symptoms, but you can thwart all illnesses if you schedule a duct inspection immediately. If you do not do this, your symptoms will worsen and you will not be able to use your AC under any circumstances.

So what exactly is lining up along the walls of your ducts? Well, Cooling Tampa LLC refers to these particles as biological growth. Dust contains many different elements, but some of these elements are actually living organisms. If they are living, they are also looking for substances to feed on so they can survive. They will even do this while they are in your body, and this is why biological growth is so harmful.

Contact the duct cleaning system experts at Cooling Tampa LLC if you have a ventilation problem. If your ducts are salvageable, they will clean them thoroughly so you can breathe easy during the summer months. Making this move will not only preserve your health, but it will also preserve your family’s health and well-being overall.