While Residential AC repairs are the first line of defense in keeping you cool in the HOT and humid days of the Florida heat, at some point it is more economically sound to take advantage of modern technology and replace your air conditioner. Our company normally recommends replacing your AC unit for a few different reasons.

Some of these reasons are:

  • The cost to repair a unit exceeds 30% of the cost of replacing the AC unit.
  • The unit is causing your electric bill to be substantially higher than normal.
  • The unit is not the right unit for your home or business(i.e. wrong size)
  • Excessive Biological Growth or rust build up

Cooling Tampa has a number of different options to choose from when thinking of an AC replacement, including many different brands, efficiency levels, warranty options, and accessories that will fit any needs that YOU, the consumer, would need in their home. We custom design a cooling and heating system for each and every home to ensure that all of the comfort needs and desires are met. Cooling Tampa Has the right AC replacement for your application.

Many times an AC replacement will end up being a zero net cost to you when you consider the energy savings that comes with replacing your AC with a newer high-efficiency  system.